Believe in the Song

Here’s a secret.

If you believe in the songs you play or sing, you can represent several different genres and still be recognized by your style.

An audience member in Dallas once told me, “Just because it’s in a song, Sally, doesn’t mean it’s true”.

My answer? “It’s true while I’m playing it.”

That’s what I mean by my motto “Believe In the Song”.

Every piece of music worth its salt has a mood, a meaning, a message. You know this.

Compare a Sousa March, a Chopin Nocturne and a Beethoven Sonata. Or be more modern and compare a Country Western Ballad, a Rhythm and Blues his and a Salsa tune.

Anyone who tried to play all of these tunes the same way-at the same tempo, the same volume and the same phrasing-might be playing the notes. They surely would NOT be playing the song.

Here’s my tip for the day. Find songs whose mood, message and meaning touch you emotionally and musically. Never play a song you don’t believe in.

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